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When Siding Installation in Annapolis Is a No-Brainer

Sometimes it can be hard to know when to replace siding or shingles on your home. Many times it’s a big investment, so you want to put it off if you can. Sometimes siding installation in Annapolis can be put off, but sometimes you need to bite the bullet and get new siding. You need new siding if:

  • It is loose, warped, cracked or rotting. When siding becomes loose, warped, cracked or rotted it loses its integrity. Siding protects the structure of your home until it can’t any more. If you notice one of these issues, water can now get in behind the siding and cause major havoc.
  • You always have to repaint. Siding not only protects your home, but it makes your home beautiful. If you have to repaint more than every eight to ten years, there may be something wrong with your siding.
  • There is mold, fungus or mildew. When water is able to get behind the siding, one of the signs you may notice is some sort of growth. Because you don’t want the structure of your home to be compromised, if you notice this type of growth it may be time to think about siding installation in Annapolis.
  • Your energy bills are higher than normal. There are a lot of reason that your energy bill may go up. Your windows may be leaky, the insulation in your attic may be poor or your siding may need to be replaced. Siding is not only protection for the structure of your home, but it is also your home’s coat.

Siding is supposed to protect your home’s structure, insulate and add curb appeal. If siding is no longer doing its job well, it may be time for siding installation in Annapolis. Don’t wait until the problem has gotten out of hand. If you notice one of the issues listed above, talk with a contractor as soon as possible.

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