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Your Contractor Should Be Measuring With a Satellite

Posted on Sepetember 18, 2015

Getting an accurate cost estimate for roof repair depends a lot on how well the roof has been measured. You need the best measurement possible, but also one that saves you time and money. With the same accuracy with which cars navigate the road, it is also possible to measure your roof. That's right, with a satellite. When looking for a roofing contractor in Annapolis, make sure to check that they utilize this superior technology.

As part of any free consultation, your contractor should make a rough measurement of your roof. (Just as an aside, don't hire a contractor without a free consultation. That initial conversation is a must!) It's not the longest process in the world, but it does take up time. As you wait for your results, think about how much faster you'd have that information if is was snapped digitally. You'll want a contractor with this great tool on his belt, if only to save time.

Getting a measurement from orbit is also much less intrusive than one done on the ground. You don't have to be home for a satellite to view your house, it won't come knocking on your door, and you can't hear it moving around overhead. It's a sign that your roofing contractor in Annapolis cares about your comfort and privacy when they intrude upon your time as little as possible.

Your roof measurement will be used to purchase materials and to make cost and labor estimates. Having the most accurate measurement possible ensures there's little waste left over and that only severe weather will derail your roofing schedule. You should realize that most contractors charge for the materials bought, not the materials used. Any time or materials you don't have to pay for is a win.

A newly replaced roof gives peace of mind for a long time. Your roofing contractor in Annapolis should cater to your needs. One way they can do this is by using satellite technology to improve the measurement phase of roof replacement.

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