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Why You Need a Roofing Contract

Posted on September 19, 2017

Roofing Contractor in Westminster, MD

You've done your due diligence by getting estimates for roofing in Westminster, MD and you've chosen your contractor too. But the paperwork's not done; you still need a roofing contract, which can protect you financially in case there are problems.

Clear Payment Terms

Payment terms should be clear, with specific amounts or percentages of the cost, and when they are due for each stage of the project. Include the down payment and final payment, along with the option to reserve final payment until you are satisfied with the project.

Materials and Labor Provisions

Include details on the materials to be used, the project scope and warranty information on products and workmanship. Be specific about these things:

- Materials: There are several types of shingles, from asphalt to wood, tile and slate. Your choice should be noted, along with the quality of the materials. For example, you might want attic insulation with a certain R-value; include that information.

- Labor: Describe the scope of the work. Did the estimate for roofing in Westminster, MD include replacement of fascia, soffits and decking? If not, how will you be charged for extra labor and materials? Sometimes problems aren't visible until after the work begins, so it's best to agree on add-ons up front.

- Warranties: Along with product warranties, roofers should provide a warranty for workmanship, Get the specifics, along with the limits, in writing. There is typically a limited time for homeowners to notify the roofer of any problems.

Lien Release and Termination

A lien release protects you from liability in case the roofing contractor doesn't pay subcontractors or materials suppliers. Be sure to include a termination clause as well. This should describe conditions that violate the terms of the contract and allows you to cancel without incurring a penalty.

Allied Remodeling of Central MD, Inc. is happy to "put it in writing." In fact, we don't take payment of any kind until you're satisfied with our work. For a free estimate on roofing in Westminster, MD, call us today at 410-769-9700.

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