Why Make the Switch to Energy Efficient Windows?

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Why Make the Switch to Energy Efficient Windows?

Posted on July 21th, 2015

Energy Efficient Windows

Replacing your windows? With modern technology, most windows nowadays are far more energy efficient than before. If you’re renovating your home, then consider window replacement Baltimore for a sleek look that not only improves aesthetics but also makes your home more eco-friendly.

Energy efficient windows are typically made from vinyl with the surface coated with a sputter of silver known as LoE, which stands for “low emissivity.” This is a huge advancement in glass technology and is highly favored in both residential and industrial sectors for its ability to let sunlight in while keeping harmful UV rays out. In certain regions, homes and public facilities built after a certain date are required to be fitted with LoE windows. If you own an older home, your house is exempt from this ordinance, though you should make the switch anyways simply for its superior durability.

The windows should also use weather stripping, which is an important element for reducing air filtration. There are many weather stripping methods; when getting a window replacement Baltimore, ask the manufacturer about the type of technique used. The proven methods include vinyl tension seals, bulb seals, and closed cell foam tape seal.

When you have energy efficient windows installed, you are improving the house as a whole by improving the interior’s insulation. The windows help to keep the home warmer during the colder months and cooler on hot days. This means you can rely on the home’s natural insulation and less on your AC and HVAC, which can cause your energy bill to skyrocket.

Aside from their energy saving benefits, the windows are also quite stylish and come in various designs. This makes them suitable for just about any type of remodeling work for homes, apartments, and public venues.

For window replacement Baltimore, contact a professional supplier and installer. Energy efficient windows are an investment that will pay itself off over the course of several years, so might as well make the change now to reap the benefits sooner than later.

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