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What to Include in a Roofing Bid

Posted on September 5, 2017

Roofing Contractor in Ellicott City, MD

If you stay in the same home for a few decades or longer, you're likely to need a roof replacement at some point. When you shop for the right roofing contractor in Ellicott City, MD, be sure to get detailed bids which break down fees and include the vital project information listed below. Then, you can compare apples to apples when you weigh competing estimates.

Nail Down the Details

Bids should include project start and end dates, as well as a description of the project and the work to be done. The details should include items to be removed, such as old tiles and flashing, and new products to install. The summary should state what work the contractor completes, and anything required of you as the homeowner. For example, you may have a cousin in the tile business that can get you a deal on materials, so the bid should reflect that you are providing these materials.

Little Things Mean a Lot

Business rule No. 1 is: Never assume anything and never take anyone's word for it, whatever "it" might be. Always get it in writing. A roofing contractor in Ellicott City, MD should include these essentials:

- List separate fees for labor and materials.

- Fees for any permits that need to be pulled.

- Proof of a contractor's license; Maryland requires roofers to be licensed. Liability insurance and workman's compensation should also be included.

- Payment terms. Many roofers offer loan financing or other payment arrangements.

Materials and Warranties

Finally, bids should include information on the materials for your new roof. There are many types of tiles, and they all have different benefits; listing the specifics ensures you get what you want. You'll also want information on flashing and ventilation, as well as any warranty information that comes with the products.

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