Vinyl Window Pros and Cons

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Vinyl Window Pros and Cons

Posted on October 12, 2015

Most replacement windows that are sold in the US are vinyl. That’s why the popularity of vinyl windows in Rockville, MD is no surprise. However, just because they are a top contender in the window replacement world, doesn’t mean they are right for everyone.


The pros of vinyl windows include:

Readily Available: Because vinyl windows are so popular, they are readily available. There are many manufacturers, distributors and contractors that make or carry vinyl windows.

Maintenance: Vinyl windows are scratch and rot-resistant and don’t require painting, which makes them very low maintenance.

Durable: They are also strong and because of their resistances they stay that way.

Energy Efficient: Like many newer windows, vinyl windows are very energy efficient. That helps keep down your energy bill.

Customizable: Vinyl windows are completely customizable, so you can pick a color, size and shape that match your needs.

There are a lot of positives about vinyl windows, which isn’t surprising give how popular they are. However, even with all of the positives in the world, it still doesn’t mean they are the perfect choice for you.


Before you can decide if they are right for you, you have to look at the cons associated with vinyl windows in Rockville, MD:

No Paint: You can’t paint vinyl windows, which means you have to stick with the color you choose for a long time.

Texture: The texture can look plastic on some house styles, so it isn’t always the right choice.

Thick: The frame of a vinyl window is thick looking, so if you prefer a thinner frame you may not like their look.

These are the main cons associated with vinyl windows.

Talk with a Professional

Choosing which type of replacement window is right for you is difficult. Thankfully there are professionals out there that can help you understand the pros and cons. Vinyl windows in Rockville, MD aren’t right for everyone. Think about what’s important to you when you choose your windows.

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