Brighten Up Your Home and Lower Your Energy Bill With New Windows

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Brighten Up Your Home and Lower Your Energy Bill With New Windows

Posted on June 29th, 2015

Energy Efficient Windows

Homeowners throughout the nation are looking for ways to improve their home’s value while increasing its energy efficiency. One of the best ways to achieve both of these goals is with new, energy efficient replacement windows. With new, beautiful style choices, your home will look better, and you will save money each mouth on your electric bills.

Energy Efficient Windows Save You Money

Your old windows are costing you a lot of money. Up to 70% of a home’s energy is lost through their windows. Newer windows incorporate recently developed technologies that will reduce your home’s energy loss. One of the best improvements on windows has been the common use of vacuum-sealed double-paned windows filled with argon gas. These windows prevent temperature transfer from the inside and from the outside, which lowers your heating and cooling bill. Also, choose a professional to install your replacement windows, as proper insulation around your window will prevent energy loss and protect your home from water damage and pest intrusion.

Window Frame Material Choices

Replacement windows come in a variety of materials that differ in cost, energy efficiency, and aesthetic value. Common window materials include vinyl, wood, hybrid (wood-clad), or aluminum. Vinyl is cost and energy effective and durable but has limited color and style choices. In contrast, wood windows are the most energy efficient, have a higher cost, and are not as weather resistant. Hybrid windows have a vinyl exterior and a wood core to provide the weather resistance and the energy efficiency. In rainy, humid climates and especially those prone to hurricanes, aluminum is one of the best choices for weather resistance but is not as energy efficient as vinyl or wood. Consult a professional to know the best window choice for your area.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Homebuyers are looking for energy efficient homes. They can be environmentally conscience or just looking to save money long term on their energy costs. New energy efficient windows will give your home an updated look and increase its value while saving you money.

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