Understanding a Roofing Estimate

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Understanding a Roofing Estimate

Posted on March 27, 2017

roofing silver spring md

When you contact roofing companies in Silver Spring MD to do an installation or replacement job, one of the first things on your mind is probably getting an estimate. These are important documents to many processes associated with home improvement and construction, such as:

• Insurance claims

• Budgeting

• Decision making

• Contract negotiation

Most people know the importance of an estimate, but don't understand the work that goes into offering one. Read on, and you'll get an idea why top-level contractors put so much emphasis on the accuracy of their estimates.


Accurate measurements are the core of a good estimate. Just like the old carpentry adage that says you should measure twice and cut once, getting the numbers right in the first estimate means that a contractor avoids costly mistakes like short-ordering materials or understaffing.

This is even more important to roofing companies in Silver Spring MD that stand by their original estimates. Without being able to fall back on last-minute final invoice surprises, contractors have to stand by their word and take a hit if they make a mistake. While the best companies cover their own losses until you're satisfied with the job, nobody likes to be stuck with this kind of responsibility if they don't have to be. That's why you see higher bids from better organizations: they're based on real data.


Properly replacing a roof involves a lot more than just nailing shingles on. Experienced contractors know the amount of work involved with multi-layer tear offs or sheathing replacements, and they add that as an item in your estimates. If you're ever confused about a figure, make sure to ask if one of these factors is involved in the work.

Multiple roof sections require more trimming of tiles and reorientation of laborers' safety equipment. The same goes for roofs with multiple valleys, dormers or skylights. Estimates are determined by the number of these features, combined with the size of the roof and the other work that needs to be done. While you're getting your estimate, make sure to ask about financing options. The best roofing companies in Silver Spring MD offer good terms on accessible loans.

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