Three Common Contracting Scams

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Three Common Contracting Scams

Posted on December 19, 2015

When you need a window replacement in Annapolis, the only thing more plentiful than your options are the ways unscrupulous characters might try to get your money. There are several tricks and schemes that can lead to you paying too much for too little. These are the most common tactics that lead to dissatisfaction.

High Pressure Sales

This is a legal practice that has been utilized by many business to grab a quick buck. Contractors who lack confidence will try to pressure you into signing a deal before you are completely comfortable with the terms, often citing obscure or limited “deals.” Once you sign, you are legally bound by the agreement, and this lets inferior businesses secure funds where they otherwise might come up short. A good contractor with confidence in their skills will go over every aspect of the agreement in as much detail as you need. They want you to feel as confident as they do, as this will make it easier for them to finish their work as promised.

Bait and Switch

If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. While this form of advertising is illegal, it is not always easy to spot. Companies will use hidden fees or “limited stock” to draw you in with an estimate much lower than they can deliver. Once you are committed they will inform you that the cheaper materials are no longer available or the window of the sale has passed. They may also use obscure fees to bring up the total cost. If you ever feel you are the victim of a bait and switch, have a conversation with your local Better Business Bureau. They are there for exactly these kinds of situations.

Abnormally High Prices

Prices will vary from contractor to contractor, but if you shop around you should get a decent ballpark figure. If an estimate seems abnormally high, make sure you understand exactly why. Get another estimate from a competitor if you feel the need. Quality companies may feel that they are worth a little extra, but elite window installers can count on their skills to ensure business and won’t need to rely on price gouging.

There are plenty of good options for window replacement in Annapolis. Keep your eyes open for these few tricks and you can find the right people to improve your home.

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