Telltale Signs That Your Roof Needs Help

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Telltale Signs That Your Roof Needs Help

Posted on April 05, 2017

roofing severna park md

Your house’s roofing in Severna Park, MD, plays a vital role in helping maintain energy efficiency, protect from harsh sunlight and inclement weather, and much more. You may rarely think about your home’s roof, but if problems begin to develop with this important component, you will want to address them as quickly as possible. Try to make sure you call a professional roofing contractor if you notice any signs of trouble.

It is generally a good idea to inspect your roof’s physical surface from time to time. If you have a shingle roof, you might notice indications of trouble such as cracking, warping or balding. Shingles that are cracked or missing granules may be much more vulnerable to issues such as leaks and weather damage. If you are not sure whether your shingles have a problem, try checking your gutters for signs of granule accumulation.

Surface moss might be another sign of trouble with your roofing in Severna Park, MD. Beyond simply being unsightly, moss on your roof could potentially retain moisture and damage the surface materials that keep your roof sound and watertight. Even if removed, persistent moss may grow back. If you find moss on your roofing, contacting a professional for advice and assistance may be the best course of action.

After visually checking the surface of your roof for moss, cracks or missing shingles, consider also looking at the interior of your attic. Early signs of water leakage might be first visible on attic rafters or walls. Check for visible dampness, discoloration or mold growth. If you do see signs of trouble, call a local roofing contractor right away.

If problems begin to develop with your roofing in Severna Park, MD, you will want to get the situation resolved as fast as you are able. Try to regularly inspect your roof’s surface for signs of moss growth or shingle damage. Also, check your attic for indications of water leaks.

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