Simple Steps for Roof Maintenance

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Simple Steps for Roof Maintenance

Posted on March 29, 2016

Roofing Pasadena md

You may not think about it often, but it is keeping the raindrops from falling on your head. Your roof does so much for you and your family, and you only need to give it a little bit of attention—just a few minutes twice a year—to make sure it is in good shape. Just as a person needs a yearly medical exam, so your roof requires regular checkups to ensure it is free of damage that can lead to leaks. Keep the phone number of a company that deals with roofing in Pasadena, MD handy if you have questions.


The main part of roof maintenance is inspecting your interior walls, ceiling, attic and the roof exterior. It is vital to know what to look for. When you go to the attic, make sure there aren’t light patches showing through the roof base, since this may indicate the roof is thinning. Also, be on the lookout for damp spots and mold in the attic. On the exterior of the roof, pay attention to:

• Shingles that are curled, cracked or missing

• Loose or misshapen flashings around vents and pipes

• Clumps of cement between the tiles

• Gutters that appear clogged or in bad repair

If you see any of these problems, contact professionals in roofing in Pasadena, MD who can suggest what repairs you will need to make. In many cases, there may be a few fixes that can be done inexpensively rather than replacing the entire roof.

Watch for Trouble Signs

Stay alert to things inside of your house that could point to water damage or leaks. Do not ignore the following:

• Damp or yellow spots on the walls

• A sudden inexplicable rise water bill payments

• A moldy smell in the house

Things You Can Do to Help Your Roof

Make your roof’s job easier by clearing leaves out of gutters in the autumn and keep trees trimmed and off the roof surface. Also, ensure ventilation is not blocked and check that pipes from the washing machine extend all the way outside.

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