Siding Styles and Which Homes They Work For

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Siding Styles and Which Homes They Work For

Posted on January 20, 2016

siding contractor rockville md

When it comes to installing siding on your home, you want more than affordability, safety and functionality. You also want something that matches your home's style. This guide might help you decide which type of siding works best. Keep it in mind when hiring a siding contractor in Rockville, MD.

Horizontal Lap Siding

Horizontal lap siding is probably the most common type of siding available, found on all kinds of homes. A portion of its popularity is due to the variety of materials and style choices available. Lap siding is made of wood, vinyl, fiber cement, or aluminum, and its customization options are practically limitless. If your home leans toward a traditional style, horizontal lap siding is probably a good choice.


Although it is most common on Spanish-style homes, stucco is actually quite versatile and can look beautiful on a variety of homes. Stucco siding from your siding contractor in Rockville, MD is available in natural form or synthetic material and best suits homes that don't have any oddly shaped areas. If you like texture, stucco could be for you. You can choose anything from very fine to very coarse to best fit your home, neighborhood and personal style.

Wood Strip Siding

Beautiful and sophisticated, wood strip siding is a type of horizontal siding. Whether you choose to install this type of siding in a traditional manner or in a tongue and groove configuration, it is important to ensure you have a waterproof layer behind the siding. Without one, water might seep through the cracks and damage your home. Although it could work for a variety of home types, wood strip siding is currently most popular on contemporary home styles.

When deciding on the type of siding you'd like for your home, always be sure to speak with a professional siding contractor in Rockville, MD. This way, you can be sure you're purchasing something that will be durable and last for years to come.

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