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Same State, Different Roofing Needs

Posted on July 20, 2016

Roofing Lutherville Timonium

When most people think of Maryland, they tend to think of only a few places. They may consider that it’s close to Washington DC, or they may think of its close proximity to the Chesapeake Bay. Either way, it is associated with a place that’s rich in colonial history and a place known for its seafood, most especially the Maryland crab. But there’s another area of note that rich in another type of colonial history but is not well known and that is the northern area of Maryland where there is a mix of eclectic styles. Homeowners especially in these areas know of the rich German tradition and architecture of the area. Therefore roofing in the Lutherville-Timonium area and roofing in Rockville, MD have very specialized needs.

History of Northern Maryland

If you’ve ever heard of Pennsylvania Dutch country, you’ll know that many of the people in that region descended German-speaking immigrants who came to America. What people don’t generally realize is that several of these immigrants also travelled to parts of what is now known as northern Maryland, down as far as Baltimore. It is for that reason that a lot of roofing in Lutherville-Timonium and also roofing in Rockville has architectural influences of the Gothic period, with its brown timber and white stucco. Any roofer in these areas is inherently familiar with German architecture and the specific needs and materials required to complete repairs.

Geography of Northern Maryland

Northern Maryland is markedly different from its southern counterparts. While the majority of Maryland is low lying flat area, Northern Maryland is hilly, since it touches the Appalachian Mountains. This, coupled with it being further north, renders the climate substantially cooler than other parts of Maryland, which often enjoywarm Atlantic winds. The potential for snowfall is also greater, which in turn increases the need for roof repair because of the pressure on the roof from snow.

Northern Maryland is topically different from the rest of the state, set apart by its history and geography. The separate needs translate to hiring a company that has experience of roofing in Lutherville-Timonium and Rockville. Click here to contact one.

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