Maintaining Vinyl Windows

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Maintaining Vinyl Windows

Posted on December 17, 2015

Vinyl windows are a popular choice for homeowners because they are energy efficient, low cost, and very durable. However, they have another major advantage because they are easy to maintain. Here are a few simple tips that can be used to care for vinyl windows in Rockville MD.

Firstly, make sure that your windows are kept clean. This will help them look great and can prevent grime buildup that decreases their lifespan. Wash your vinyl windows in Rockville MD once every few months, both indoors and out. You can use baby shampoo, vinegar, or commercial cleaning solvents diluted in water to remove dirt, smudges, and smears on your windows; simply spray the solution on the window and scrub with a soft brush or piece of cloth. Then rinse the window withmore water and dry.

If the window opens, you should also ensure that the tracks are kept clean. This will make it easier to keep the window opening and closing smoothly. Use a vacuum to remove dust and larger debris; scrub out the rest with a brush. If necessary, you can also apply a lubricating spray to the track to help keep things running like they should.

Be sure to inspect your windows regularly for potential problems. You should examine both the sash and panels for cracks, and check for moisture to determine if you are suffering from seal problems. Make sure that the glass is not scratched or chipped, and that the frame is in good shape. If it is not, you can rely on an installers of manufacturer’s warranty to help resolve the issue.

Finally, you should check your hardware for problems at least once or twice a year. Make sure that the window latches and locks are clean and functioning. If you notice loose screws, you should tighten them to ensure the window stays secure. Vinyl windows in Rockville MD are an excellent investment that fortunately are also easy to care for.

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