Is Your Company’s Warranty Really on Your Side?

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Is Your Company’s Warranty Really on Your Side?

Posted on June 25, 2017

roofing companies silver spring MD

When you’re in the market for roofing repairs or a full replacement, you have to go through the process of choosing a roofing company. When you’re reviewing your available roofing companies in Silver Spring, MD, one of the things you probably pay the most attention to is the warranty the company in question offers on the work it completes. All too often, however, many homeowners like yourself don’t know how to differentiate a good warranty from a bad one. If you want to choose the company with a warranty that’s really on your side, look for the following qualities:

A Lifetime Duration

A warranty that’s going to expire a year or two down the line is likely not going to benefit you very much. If issues with your roof happen down the line, you could well find yourself paying for the same installation or repairs a second time through no fault of your own. That’s why it’s best to work with companies like Allied Roofing, which offer a full lifetime warranty with the installations completed by their trained professionals.

Extensive Coverage

Another way many homeowners get tricked into purchasing a bad warranty from roofing companies in Silver Spring, MD, is a lack of coverage options. Some options only cover material malfunctions, and this is only because the materials themselves are covered by the manufacturer. To ensure your warranty really has your back, be sure it covers:

Product defects that might cause instability or other issues

Labor mistakes during the installation process that could result in structural imbalances and other serious problems down the line

Aesthetic defects, which, while maybe not dangerous, diminish the appearance of your home, and give you results that are less than satisfactory when it comes to shingles and other materials.

Having the right duration and the right coverage options can help you have a more secure roofing experience overall. Speak to your roofing companies in Silver Spring, MD, about their warranty details to find your perfect match as soon as possible.

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