How to Choose a Roof Color

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How to Choose a Roof Color

Posted on December 07, 2015

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, and making sure thatit looks great should be a top priority. When you start working with a roofing company in Rockville, though, you’ll need to decide what color to make your shingles. Here’s how to go about choosing the best color when you’re installing a new roof.

First of all, stay away from brightly colored roofs if you have a traditional or average looking home. Blue, green, or yellow roofs should be avoided unless you are trying to turn your house exterior into a statement. While some homes might do well with a colored roof, it’s hard to go wrong with a tasteful neutral shade.

Secondly, find out if your homeowner’s association has any rules about what colors your roof can be. Your neighbors might prefer it if you can find a roof color that coordinates with theirs, since it can give you entire neighborhood a more cohesive look.

Should you consider a black roof? It depends. In some cases black is an excellent choice because it hides any patches, repairs, and wear extremely well. In other cases, though, black is not a good idea becauseit absorbs heat. If you live in a warm or sunny climate, then a black roof can heat up your house and increase your electric bills. A roofing company in Rockville can help you determine whether this is a good idea.

Consider what the rest of your house looks like. If you are getting new siding along with your new roof, then you have a lot of freedom when it comesto color; you can give your whole house an entirely new look. If you are trying to match existing siding, then choose a color that coordinates well with your current colors but isn’t a perfect match.

Picking the right shade is easy with some careful thought. Consult a local roofing company in Rockville to learn more about good roof colors.

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