Ask a Roofing Contractor These 3 Questions

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Ask a Roofing Contractor These 3 Questions

Posted on September 18, 2016

roofing contractor ellicott city md

Maryland weather can be harsh on homes, and your roof could be in need of repair. If your home is beginning to show it is age or if you are looking to upgrade to a greener or more stylish roof, it could be time to shop for a roofing contractor in Ellicott City, MD. Here are 3 questions to ask to help you find a contractor to suit your needs.

How long have they been in business?

Companies that have been in longer tend to be more stable and reliable. If you are considering hiring a new contractor, it is especially important to obtain multiple references. Businesses like Allied Roofing will also have achieved accreditations while they are in business.

Do they hire subcontractors or employees?

By knowing whether a contractor uses subcontractors or employees, you will know who is ultimately responsible for the people working on your home. The type of employment used impacts your renovation project. Whose insurance protects workers in the case of an accident and what type of craftsmanship warranties are offered will both be impacted by this question.

What type of insurance does the company carry?

A roofing contractor in Ellicott City, MD should have both workers’ compensation insurance and comprehensive liability insurance for all their employees. Insurance premiums can be expensive for smaller businesses; some contractors choose to reduce insurance and skirt safety guidelines to reduce overhead costs. Hiring a contractor without insurance may be affordable, but it can be risky.

When shopping for a contractor it is important to interview at least three different companies. Even if you have a roofing contractor in Ellicott City, MD that you know and prefer, interviewing multiple contractors may help you learn more about the roofing job. Ask each contractor the above three questions so you can make an equal comparison between businesses before choosing the contractor this is right for your home.

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