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All About Roof Shingles and Tiles

Posted on March 1, 2016

Roofing contractors Abingdon

You are installing a brand new roof or are getting a replacement roof and want to look into using shingles or tiles. There are many types of roof coverings to choose from, and a number of important considerations to make when selecting roof shingles and tiles. You may be willing to pay more money for durable, low-maintenance shingles, or may want to look for the least expensive option. When making a choice, discuss your options with roof contractors in Abingdon.

Wooden shakes or shingles are a common option for those who prefer a classic look to their homes and are interested in restoration. While wooden shingles resist the cold and heat, they are not fire-proof and need maintenance to stand up to harsh weather. If you are willing to invest extra maintenance in your shingles, you can enjoy the look of cedar or redwood tiles. Many homeowners also opt for clay tiles for aesthetic reasons, since they are used in classic Spanish architecture. Clay shingles are strong but can chip and crack. However, if they break, the clay shingles can be relatively easy to replace. Ensure you conduct regular roof inspections, and have roof contractors in Abingdon install the shingles.

Asphalt shingles are among the most popular types of roofing materials. They are fairly inexpensive, moderately durable and resist extreme heat and cold. The combination of fiber mat, fiberglass and asphalt minerals combine to create a strong roof, although the asphalt shingles can be vulnerable to molds and decay. With regular roof maintenance, you should be able to spot any difficulties in the early stages.

Slate shingles or tiles are durable, lightweight, not difficult to install, attractive and fire and weather resistant. However, slate shingles can be costly, but many homeowners would rather spend more for the highest-grade roofing materials. There are plenty of options for strong, low maintenance roofs, and it is worth consulting with roofing contractors in Abingdon for a selection of shingles and tiles.

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