A New Roof Is a Maintenance and Beauty Boon

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A New Roof Is a Maintenance and Beauty Boon

Posted on November 15, 2016

roofing contractors Rockville

It used to be difficult to imagine making a change so significant to your home that it completely altered the appearance and the feeling of your house. Changes of such potential impact were neither cost effective nor completely feasible. Presumably they would require incredible structural changes or mathematically and physically unsound alterations that could negatively affect the integrity of the home. Today, roofing updates stand out as the most effective updating change for a number of reasons.If you are considering a major update to your home, you might consider making changes to roofing in Severna Park, MD for optimum impact to both appearance and functionality.

For years, the most popular roofing material available was asphalt shingles, but innovations in both asphalt shingles and fiberglass shingles offer better energy efficiency, durability, and, even, appearance. While asphalt shingles are still very good options, you might opt for fiberglass shingles to broaden the range of possibilities for major home style changes. With a little stuccoing and the addition of fiberglass fashioned tile shingles, for instance, you could go from a typical subdivision ranch house to Spanish-style showstopper fairly quickly with only the maintenance expenses most people would expect to accrue over the years that a house becomes a home. Roofing contractors in Rockville and those doing roofing upgrades in Severna Park, MD can help you to make the right decision for the greatest effect.

Even more important than the stunning upgrade to appearance and style a simple roofing change might deliver is the boost to energy efficiency it will experience. Fiberglass shingles are excellent for insulating a home, and they are also the most effective option for resisting flame and humidity. Your home will be a more comfortable and safer place with a fiberglass shingle installation enabling your roofing upgrade in Severna Park, MD or Rockville.

The time to consider major renovations is now. When your home is in need of a new roof already, you have the perfect opportunity to combine a facelift with proper maintenance. If you are ready to update your home, look for the most reputable name in roofing in Severna Park, MD.

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