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3 Reasons to Call a Roofing Contractor Before Your Insurance Provider

Posted on August 04, 2017

Roofing Contractors - Westminster, MD

After a storm blows through you area and leaves your roof in disarray, your first instinct might be to pick up the phone and get your insurance provider on the line before you do anything else. Although letting your insurance provider know about the damage as soon as possible is always a good idea, there are a few key reasons why a call to your roofing contractor in Westminster, MD should happen first.

1. Claims are Confusing

Generally speaking, filing an insurance claim can be confusing with all the paperwork and processes you have to manage. This is why it's so important to contact a roofing contractor first -- they'll come out, do an inspection of your roof, and then work with your insurance company for you so your claim is resolved successfully.

2. Expert Analysis

Insurance adjusters are not roofing inspectors, so they're not your most reliable source when it comes to determining what needs to be done to fix your roof. Not only will the roofing contractor in Westminster, MD accurately assess the damage, but they'll provide their findings to the adjuster so the settlement is as accurate as possible.

3. Filing May Not be Worth It

In some cases, filing a claim for roof damage is worth it, but in others, it isn't. If you don't contact a roofing contractor first, you're not going to know if filing an insurance claim is worth the hassle and you're going to move forward with the process regardless. Save yourself the headache and expense of filing an unnecessary claim and stick with a roofing contractor's professional opinion.

When you need the help and advice of a roofing contractor in Westminster, MD after your roof is damaged in a storm, get in touch with us at Allied Remodeling of Central MD, Inc. Contact us today at 410-769-9700 to speak with one of our roofing professionals.

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