3 Reasons You Should Replace Your Windows

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3 Reasons You Should Replace Your Windows

Posted on January 25, 2016

window replacement annapolis

Window replacement in Annapolis is one of those home maintenance needsthat many people overlook. Unfortunately, passing over window maintenance in favor of working on other home improvement projects could leave you with higher energy bills or even safety hazards. If it's been more than 10 or 15 years since you installed new windows, consider the reasons you should remedy that now.

New Windows Reduce Noise

Old windows likely are not as good at keeping out excessive noise. If you hear every conversation had by passersby on the sidewalk, or if you live near an airport, school or other high-traffic area, new windows could help you gain some peace and quiet. Look for options with dual panes or laminated glass.

They Are Easier to Maintain Each Season

If your house is one that requires you go around each winter and spring to install or remove storm windows, you understand how time consuming the process can be. New windows are more energy efficient and usually don't require storm windows to keep out cold air in the winter. You could save yourself two days per year if you opt for window replacement in Annapolis.

You Could Save Money

The one-time cost of purchasing new windows and having them professionally installed is usually offset by the savings you see on your energy bill. Because new windows are more efficient, most people lose less cool or hot air through the windows when you run your HVAC unit. Many report at least a few bucks in savings each year, and some have reported saving hundreds of dollars on their energy bills.

If you're tired of the chill you feel when you walk by your old windows, or if you simply want to add value and beauty to your home, window replacement in Annapolis could help. Be sure to hire a professional for the best results.

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