3 Questions to Ask Your Annapolis Roofer

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3 Questions to Ask Your Annapolis Roofer

Posted on July 20, 2017

roofer annapolis

Whether you’re working with Allied Remodeling or another roofer in Annapolis, the odds are you’re going to have an assessment of some sort on your roof before the company gets to work on your particular roofing job. While many homeowners know that this is the perfect time to ask questions about the process and get necessary info on the details, they don’t know exactly what to ask, and may let this opportunity pass them by. Even if you think you already know everything about the process, take the time to ask the following 3 questions to learn more about how your contractor operates, and what to expect during the coming project:

How Much Will it Cost?

This is probably one of the more obvious questions to ask, but crucial nonetheless. This helps you to get a real quote from the roofer, so you can plan for how much you’ll be spending on the project. Furthermore, most roofers will stick to their quote no matter what, so it’s good to obtain this information just in case.

What Types of Products Will be Used?

Knowing the products and materials that’ll be used on your roof is crucial if you want to ensure you’re going to get truly professional results. This is the opportunity to check out what your contractor has to offer, and to make sure they aren’t offering you sub-par materials that’ll cause more problems than they’re worth in a few months’ time.

What’s Included in the Warranty?

Before you agree to have any work done, you need to have a thorough understanding of what issues will be covered by the company’s warranty later on. Ideally, you should hear that product malfunction, labor issues and aesthetic defects will all be covered.

Posing these questions to your roofer in Annapolis during the inspection is a great way to learn more about your contractor’s practices, and to ensure that it’s the company you really want to work with for the coming project before you spend your hard-earned cash.

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